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BEGIN WITH NEUTRAL FABRICS Start with solid (or lightly textured) outfits in one of the Color Palettes on the next page. Add a minimal splash of color and pattern with the children’s outfits or adult’s accessories (ie: a shirt or blouse under a jacket, a scarf, jewelry, etc)

DON’T MIX WHITES AND DARKS Unify the group with a “dark-on-dark” mix of clothing, (OR) a mix of “light-on-light” tones. Do not mix dark and light tops and bottoms. Especially in larger groups, this can create a “cluttered” look. Ideally, no outfit will compete for attention with your beautiful faces.

AVOID BOLD PATTERNS OR LOGOS Experience shows that strong patterns and stripes can date a portrait quickly. For a timeless and more artistic effort, employ solids and subtly textured fabrics.

TO SLENDERIZE Dark clothing tends to slenderize. Longer sleeves are generally more flattering than short cap sleeves. Wearing the same tone on to p and bottom tends to lengthen and slenderize your body visually.

FOR A FORMAL PORTRAIT For a stunning formal portrait start with a blend of rich, understated colors. Add a little dark-on-dark pattern with accessories. Don’t be afraid to spice it up with a color splash, flattering necklines and jewelry. Layers of darker tones work well to simplify the overall look, while adding depth.

FOR A NATURAL LOOK Layering with sweater and jackets adds depth and dimension to your portrait. Layers can also allow you to move more naturally and look more comfortable. Outdoor portraits are best with “outdoor” casual outfits, which allow you to sit on the ground if needed. Consider jean-style pants and long, flowing skirts for this reason.

PLAN OUTFITS ENTIRELY Be sure to plan your outfits all the way down to your shoes. Many times your feet will show in your family portrait so don’t pair up your old tennis shoes with your dress pants.

LAY IT ALL OUT Try laying out everyone’s clothing in the room where your portrait will live. Replace outfits and add accessories until you achieve a complimentary and exciting look for that room. After laying out your clothing choices, take a quick snapshot with your phone. This can be helpful when sharing information with other family members and when shopping for the rest of the family

FINALLY......BRING OPTIONS We highly recommend bringing extra clothing options for each member of your group. Often we find that changing a top or bottom at the last minute can greatly improve your portrait design.